Apartments Needed

Studio Apartments Needed

T Steele: I’m an int’l executive based here in Muc, who wishes to downsize from current large apt as I’ll be commuting between USA and Muc starting next year. Interested in what studio apt offerings you have. Thank you for your kind feedback.

Sahil: I am a 20 year old male who currently lives in Munich, Germany. I am looking for an apt or a room to rent close to Centeral Munich. I am a very clean person and would like to live in a clean enviroment and can pay from 300-600 euro depending on the room or the apt. Please contact me if you have anything for me. Thank You!

Allia: I am looking for somewhere to stay in Munich (I haven’t got the exact date yet). Thanks for info ?

Wing Lee: I would like to reserve room(s) with separate beds for 6 people in Munich. Would you mind to tell me about the price? I target the apartments RUPPRECHT and PRIVATAPT. MÜ-N. Thanks for your help.

Dinesh Diwakar: Looking for a long term stay – 1-3 yr for couple (unfurnished / furnished)

Silvia Ramirez: I’m and expat and I’m looking for apartment/studio fully furnished options in Munich it can be in the south area as my work will be in Neubiberg. We are a couple no kids so we enjoy dining and walking around. Can you provide me agencies or options to look at.

Matthew Mawhinney: My names Matthew. I will be working for a start-up in Munich for 3 months. I would be interested in anything you have on offer. I will be working in Bogenhausen, but would be willing to commute. Please let me know if you have any immediately available apartments, or if you have any questions.

San Tang: I am looking for one or two apartment for about 7 persons from in Munich. Better near beer festival venue…

Mahmoud Shama: I am student and looking for studio for rent in Munich near transportation or near Leopold street at reasonable prices.

Heba Eid: We are looking for studio for rent for one person!

Mihaela Stoica: Hello, my name is Mihaela Stoica and I am 21 years old and I study the Business Administration and Management Bachelor’s Degree in Spain. This year I have been granted an Internship in Munich so I am looking for accomodation in Munich for that period. Although I start my Internship, I would like to come a week before that, so I can visit the city and learn a little about transports, shopping zones, etc. I don’t smoke and I don’t have any cats or dogs or other animals.

Preetpal Singh: Need Studio for around 4 months near Brienner Straße 59 Munich. Let me know the best possible options.

Askhat Laulanov: Hi, I need a studio appartment for 450-500 Euros which is situated not far from my University, adress: Gmunder Strasse 53. About 4-5 km away from this place is ok. What you can offer me? Thank you

Frank Peters: Two non smoking seniors clean no pets need a apt one or two beds. own bath. for rent for 3 days. Canadians revisiting Germany!

Pegasus Chen: I am looking for studio or one-room apartment in Munich. The rental period is around one year. Kindly inform me if you have any good items by email. Thanks.

Prothet Richard: For my son, 25 in February employed in EADS Ottobrunn I look for an apartment in southern Munich convenient for subway to Ottobrun and Alt Stadt.

Hisham Yehia: I am searching for a studio for rent in Munich with a budget up to 500 euros/month.

Ray Newman: Hello, I will be looking for a studio apartment in Munich soon. I hope to see what you have available.

Javed Patel: I am searching for studio apartment in Obergeising in Munich. I would like to have furnished apartment for around 1 year. Can you please write to me or contact me on below number for the available apartment as well as payment terms.

Olu Owasanoye: Do you have a studio apartment for 6 weeks for 1000 EUROS.

Steven ZHANG: Weekly rent in Munich. Looking for a flat for 5 persons, from 7-13 June, better close to Messe Muchen or convenient to reach connected subway stn. yearly short business trip. Please contact me if interested, thanks!

Furnished Apartments Needed

Susanne Arts: We are looking for a furnished appartment with 4 bedroom for rent for 1 week minimum extendable if possible . Do you have anything available and what would be the rate for 1 week?

Michael Adams: I am interested to look at furnished apartment rentals for stay of 3 months in Munich. Preferably two bedrooms, price up to 150 Euros per day max, area Schwabing or other nice area; I expect to be teaching (in English) at the Ludwig Max. Uni. Muenchen at that time. I can read my email here at the hotel (staying in Hotel Drei Loewen on the Schillerstrasse).

Lauren Tracy: I am arriving in Munich to start work as an elementary school teacher. I would love to move into new accomodation asap. I would like to stay under 600 euros warm and definitely need internet access included. Please let me know what is available!

Christina Schindler: My husband and I will be relocating to Munich. We are looking for a 2 room furnished apartment in the Schwabing are. We do not want to spend more than E1300. We will also be brining an 8 lb cat. Our plan is to stay for 6 month, though we may extend until the end of the year. Please let me know if you have any possibilities and what your fees entail. Thank you, Christina Schindler

Tim Mason: Hi there, I am looking for a Furnished Apatment in Munich, Germany. I was hoping you could help me. I will be there for school. Thank you in advance.

Luxury Apartment Rental

Clarisse Modena: I would like to rent 1 or 2 appartments for 8 people all together. It needs to be next to Trudering Riem, will you have something to offer please? Thank you in advance!

Jitendra Kamdar: Would like to rent a luxury studio apt in Munich (central location) for 3 nights.

Sieg Guenther: General question regarding a furnished appartment that I can rent for a 3 month period what kind of prices are we talking about in Munich

Chiachen Wu: My husband and I with our 2 year old child will visit Munich. Could you please provide the list that we can rent?

Vacation Apartment Rentals

Elly Li: Would you offer us 4 rooms apartment for 7 people in Munich? We’ll have business trip to Munich for ISPO Winter and would like to find an apartment which have 4 rooms for a short stay. Thanks!

Belinda Rose: Looking for vacation apartment for May 14th for 1 week. Want balcony, washer & dryer and internet. And close to Munich City Center.

Jayde Collier: Hello, can you please contact me with a list of holiday rentals available for 3 adults from the 15th – 26 July. Ideally we would like a place that is easily accessible to public transport and reasonably central. We would like to get something below 1000 euro for the 2 weeks but could probably go as high as $1500.

Kristina Iakimovich: Have a nice day from Sunday travel company, St. Petersburg, Russia. We have the clients who asked us to find them an appartment for rent in the center of Munich for 2 months with 2 bedrooms, in good condition, with regular cleaning service (for additional cost of course). Please, send us the variants with fotos and rates and is it possible to have any commission from these rates for the travel agency? Waiting for your reply ASAP. Thank you in advance!

Zoe Ho: We would like to rental the apartment for 3-4 person. We are a exhibitor of HighEnd Munich, so would like to rental near by fair place, the address as below: MOC Munchen, Lilienthalallee 40, 80939 Munchen.

Nika Zadorina: Me and my mum are looking for a vacational apartment in Munich. Near Hauptbahnhof. With a kitchen and 2 beds. Max 60 eur per day.

Jim Fleming: I am a retired Scottish teacher who wants to improve his German and live in Muenchen for a month. For most of the time I would be alone, but I would like to invite 1 or 2 friends to join me at different weekends. I therefore need an apartment which is not too large but can sleep up to 3 or 4 people. Can you suggest suitable apartments for me?

Elise Van Enoo: Looking for a 2 bedroom ( large beds for couples) AND 2 bathroom apartment in Munich for 4 days. Can you help? If you don’t have this, what do you have for 2 couples traveling together, please.

Munich Car Rentals

Diab Rasheedi: I am trying to book 2 vans ( each one is 9 seats ) for 15 days. Please let me know if you have any offer …

Hattan Bakor: I am looking for renting two cars at Munich Airport and we also need one van for 8 seaters and a station wagon for 5 seaters both Autotmatic transmition and the drivers ages are 41 and 71 years old.

Elina Peskova: We are looking for BMW 6 cabrio to rent in Germany, preferable in MUNICH. In fact BMW M6 matches us aswell, but depends on price it shouldnt be too expansive. Also there are several models that are suitable either: Audi, Merceds or Porsche. But it should be cabriolets of the same class like BMW 6 series. I hope you could help us, Thank you in advance, Elina

Noora: I’m searching for a family van in munich to be with me. Required : Automatic or manual, Van for 9 passenger Navigation for Europe countries. Please send me options and quotations for the above. Thanks a lot, Noora